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The latest model of Abbot is Freestyle Libre 2, which is currently the most popular and primarily in-use device as of mid-2020, with few updated features.


Here are some salient features: 

  • Tiny and Relaxing: The sensor is about the same size as two US quarters stacked together. It can use to scan clothing. 
  • Manageable Device: A fragile filament is placed below the skin to measure the interstitial liquid. 
  • Exact BG Readings: Finger stick calibration is not required, and the device will not interrupt medication. 
  • Water Resistant: The sensor will remain on the body for 14 days, and patients can swim, take a shower, or do exercise. 
  • Continued Monitoring: Measures your blood glucose level every minute and stores records every 15 minutes. 
  • Alarm System: It also has an alarm system; you can set the alarm on standard levels. It will inform you if your sugar is going high or low from selected standards.

Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Kit:

Users cannot read the Freestyle Libre 2 sensor without the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader or the FreeStyle LibreLink application. The FreeStyle 2 sensors do not work with the FreeStyle 14-day system. 

  • A Reader: A reader is a rechargeable device that scans the sensor to get a reading. 
  • 2 Sensors: A sensor is a device that detects and responds to inputs from the user's body.  
  • Sensor Applicator: A sensor applicator is a device that assists the user in applying a sensor to the body. 
  • Alcohol Wipes: 2 alcohol wipes are available in a sensor kit used to clean the skin area where a user will apply the sensor. 
  • Product Info Card: A manual is also placed in the kit on which all product-related information is mentioned. 

Way to Apply the Freestyle Libre Sensor: 

  1. Choosing the Skin Area: Pick an area on the back of the upper arm, away from scarring or moles. Choose a place other than the most recent one.
  2. Preparing Your Skin: Preparing your skin for adhesion is an important step. The FreeStyle Libre sensor adhesion guide offers solutions for common skin conditions. 
  3. Applying the sensor: The sensor pack and applicator come together as a complete set. 
  • A. Remove the entire lid from the sensor pack. Remove the cap from your sensor applicator and place it aside. 
  • B. Match the dark marking on the sensor pack with the dark marking on the sensor applicator. Place the sensor applicator on a flat surface and press down until it stops. 
  • C. Position the sensor applicator on the prepared site and press down until it is in place. 
  • D. After application, make sure that the sensor is secured. Place the cap back on your sensor applicator. If required by local regulations, dispose of the sensor pack and applicator.

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